Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Flemming Fundraiser

Dear Friends’

Please join me for dinner on the evening of Saturday June 30th at St. Peter’s Church to honor and support our good friend Jeff Flemming and his family.

Jeff, his wife Lee and daughters Bevin and Caitlin are faithful, active members of St. Peter’s Church and Choir. They have selflessly devoted themselves over the years in the service of our Church and community. And now they need our help.

In April, Jeff underwent an enormously costly and painful bone marrow procedure at Memorial Sloan Kettering. Compounding the ordeal, a large portion of Jeff’s medical expenses were not covered by insurance. So a significant financial burden has been added to the family’s anxiety.

Our benefit dinner will raise funds to alleviate that burden and supplement funds needed for Jeff’s ongoing treatment.

This is one of those defining moments that make us Christians. Our close brother and sisters in Christ need your help and mine, now. They are not an abstract cause. They are good giving people who would be the first to help us if our conditions were reversed.

Come celebrate the faith and courage of the Flemming family. It is a significant opportunity for you and for me to show we are Christians by our love. The dinner schedule and a suggested offering are listed below. Please come, show your support and give what you can. And please remember Jeff and his family in your prayers.
Thank you for the constant kindness and consideration that are the spirit of St. Peter’s.

Sincerely yours in Christ’s love,

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