Thursday, September 09, 2010

So again Jesus said to them, “Very truly I am the gate…” John 10:7

Traditionally Homecoming Sunday has been our open door to a new season of worship and fellowship at St. Peter’s. Unlike many of our illustrious predecessors, few if any of us have spent the summer at Saratoga, on the Grand Tour of the Continent or yachting off the coast of Maine. While we may not have traveled quite that far, there is always something warming about St. Peter’s “homecoming” tradition.

That’s because we are a Resurrection people. We look for opportunities to remind ourselves that each new season is another one closer to Christ. We are a lively parish family of brothers and sisters in Christ. So we create occasions to share the joy of our faith and gather strength in our fellowship. We are witnesses to Christ’s love in the world. So Homecoming refreshes our focus…Praising God, Serving neighbor.

In that spirit: “Welcome back to St. Peter’s.”

Visit our parish website and view our new 2010-2011 calendar of liturgical, fellowship and outreach events. I strongly urge you to build your year around it. Throw yourself into our magnificent music ministry – from soothing Evensong to our superb concert series. Get back to fundamentals with our refreshing religious education course: Episcopalianism 101. Confront contemporary culture in the context of faith in the challenging series: Cinema and the Gospel.

Jane and I are so grateful to God and to you for the privilege of serving and sharing another year together at St. Peter’s. Your prayers, kindness, generosity and forbearance are a constant inspiration and reflection of God’s goodness.

Sincerely yours in Christ’s love,

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