Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The Third Week of Lent

Dear Lord, we are now in the holy season of Lent. We begin to realize anew that these are the days of salvation, these are the acceptable days. We know that we are all sinners. We know that sin destroys your life in us and a drought withers the leaves and chokes the life from the land, leaving an arid, dusty desert. Every day we are so often reminded in field and wood, in sky and stream, of your own boundless generosity to us. Help us to realize that you are never outdone in generosity, and that the least thing we do for you will be rewarded, full measure, pressed down, shaken together, and flowing over. Then we shall see how the desert can blossom, and the dry and wasted land can bring forth the rich, useful fruit that was expected of it from the beginning.

The Rural Life Prayerbook

How beautiful are those, and how blessed they be,
Who in deep tribulation daily follow me.
I have a robe divinely fair for such children wear,
And a crown shinning bright they shall wear with delight,
When done with the fading things of time.

Shaker hymn

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